Please use ESC+Q to activate the keyboard first, then put batteries into mouse to pair.

Q1.How to set my keyboard layout to print # or £?

There is no layout setting in the keyboard, this is standard keyboard compatible with any layout as set in your device, the key display depends on your PC/device layout settings, for enable special keys e.g. @ #, £, follow the steps below to set your desired layout:

1. Go to control panel ->Region and Language->Change keyboards or other input methods

2. On the tab "Keyboard and Languages", click button Change "Keyboards".

3. On the tab "General", Click Add, and browse to your desired layout and select all layouts as you wish. e.g. English(United Kingdom)-Keyboard-United Kingdom or English(United States)-Keyboard-United States - International, click OK and Apply, close the window.

4. You will then have multiple layout can be selected from the bottom right corner of the PC.

5.  Switch to the desired layout to set your keyboard, you will print # or £ on what you have set.

Q2.How to connect Wireless Mouse and Keyboard to laptop/tablet/Smart TV?

User manual is normally printed on the back of packing box if not included in the package.

This smart keyboard/mouse works with all wifi enabled TV or other devices, unless there is a exception clause in your user manual, please check first. Please note this keyboard/mouse shall work with the Nano wifi receiver, you will only need one SINGLE receiver works on BOTH keyboard and mouse, which can be found at the bottom of the mouse or in the battery compartment of either mouse/keyboard, please make sure you have internect connection before you plug the receiver into your PC/laptop/tablet, and wait for the driver self-installation process complete(no need to download or code anything, plug and play). There may be an ON/OFF switch located at the bottom of the mouse, keyboard is normally without switch and operates in auto-power saving mode(press any key to trigger ON, and will be OFF after idle for a while)

For laptop/notework/tablet without USB socket, you will need to get separate USB adapter beforehand, e.g. for ipad, you can buy standard OTG USB adapter. p.s. batteries(not included in the package) must be inserted into both keyboard(at bottom) and mouse (slide the top-cover back to open).  If you found only one of the mouse/keyboard is not working, it is highly recommended you change another USB port and place the device closer to the receiver to test it again.)

Please noted that the mouse is on self movement detection mode. Will auto on off upon movement defected. Try move the mouse a few times to trigger it on. Try also with new batteries and unplug plug the wifi dongle to reinstall it.

The combo works with all wifi enabled TV or other devices, just like a normal USB mouse, unless there is a exception clause in your user manual, please check first, otherwise it will work.


We suggest you always check the combo with a normal PC or laptop, make sure they are internet conntected as the installation process will require Internet. If they work normal the combo is confirmed in good working condition, if the combo can not work with Smart TV or other wifi enabled device, please consult your device manufacture to check if the device support universal wifi keyboard/mouse.

Sometimes the key may experience up/down stuck, this can be easily fixed by taking off the key from the keyboard clean the bottom and the key, it should back to normal as long as the spring works normal.


If you do need to reset the mouse, try to reset the mouse by:
1. take off the battery of the mouse
2. plug in receiver to the pc
3. press the middle scolling button and right-click button at the same time while putting new batteries in to the mouse
4. wait 2-5 seconds for pairing, and release the buttons, it should back to work.

The shortcut keys for "Prt Scr": Command+Shift+3 will print the screen to a file on the Mac desktop, while Command+Control+Shift+3 will print the screen to the clipboard just like the Windows function works.


Q3. My mouse is working but the keyboard fails to connect.

Please note the wireless mouse is code-pairing free, so plug and play straightforward, for some devices/TV, the wireless keyboard is required to be paired before it can work with the device/TV based on the manufacturer settings. Please follow below the pair your wireless keyboard:

1. Insert the wireless dongle into the USB reception socket of your device/TV.

2. Install the battery on the wireless keyboard.

3. Press on keyboard: Esc + Q at the same time and hold until the LED on the keyboard is on.

4. Release the buttons, pairing process is completed.