[Product Recall Notice]

We are committed to maintain compliance with local standards and regulation requirement. The following notice has been issued by the Cubeplug Ltd:

Electrical appliances and equipment

Product and Model number
TMUAD022, QS-0602000, SHENGYI 0.75M2 AC CABLE LEAD, Soldering Iron Machine Model: 936D

Risk type
Electric shock

The internal build quality of these products are found to be with inadequate separation between the primary and secondary windings.

The test results for creepage(cr) and clearance (cl) is found to be below the minimum requirement.

The product does not comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European Standards EN 60335, EN 60320, EN 60228 nor with the relevant national standards.

Measures taken by Cubeplug Ltd
Remaining stock of the above models are either returned back to original manufacture or destroyed.

No further sales on these model are permitted per company policy.

Recall of the product from end users

The above models were primarily was sold online, in particular via Amazon and eBay.

Country of origin

Alert submitted by
Claire Zhang

Requested action to be taken by end users

If you hold one of these products with the above models, and they were not sold by Cubeplug Ltd, we request you to contact: info@cubeplug.com immediately for your safety concerns, we will arrange return these products and send you qualified compatible replacement or a full refund if no replacement can be fulfilled.

If you hold one of these products with the above models, but were not sold by Cubeplug Ltd, we still request you to contact the end point of sales for returning for your safety concerns.