To find a proper compatible power adapter for your device is important for performance and safety concerns.
• Check the specification of your device, please do always check the voltage on the nameplate of the power adapter matches with the voltage of the power supply. Voltage range below 10% is considered compatible voltage matching, e.g. a 8V power adapter will compatible for 7V, 7.5V, 9V device.

• The maximum permitted electric current, which is linear, must not be exceeded, e.g. a power adapter with 2A on its label can work for 1A, 500mA, 100mA and anything below 2A, but will not work on a 3A device.

• If any of the above is wrong, DO NOT plug the power, please contact us immediately.

• If any DC connector tips/cable converter are included in your package, connect them first into the end tip of the power adapter.